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Systematic Change for the Better

Halton Borough Council had a keen vision to change the care home system for the better. They were eager to improve their services across their current homes to better the lives of both older adults and their care teams, working towards being a ‘hub of excellence' in care.

By working on their vision and by building a plan, Halton Borough Council now has a framework they are ready to implement in their care homes.

“We've got the starting blocks that will start to shape some of our practices and services going forward.”
Jane English
Divisional Manager for Care Homes, Halton Borough Council

So, what was the ask?  

By bringing Capacity on board to help develop Halton Borough Council’s (HBC) plans for a ‘hub of excellence in care, we were able to focus on three aspects:

  1. Developing an asset database 
  2. Completing a scheme concept review for their care homes 
  3. Write a recommendations report

We helped by talking with multiple departmental managers working within Halton’s current care homes. This gave us great insight into what could be done to create better services and systems, and how we can help them to create better change internally.  

Through these in-depth conversations and valuable insights, Capacity produced a detailed report on how HBC could improve its services in order to become the hub of excellence they aspired to be.  

Through the help of this report, we refined our focus for Halton and helped them on their way with: 

Recruitment and Retention

Working closely on recruitment campaigns and materials to help recruit great teams.  

Digital Care Planning

Having meaningful discussions with service and department managers to understand their relationship with data. Asking what is working and what isn’t; building better frameworks for digital care planning for all homes to use. 


Providing friendly support for departmental managers to hear current frustrations and issues and how Halton Borough Council can improve on issues for the future.  

Managerial Support

We helped to give a space where departmental managers could feel their voices could be heard, empowering them to feel confident to speak up and have their ideas listened to.   

What’s Next? 

Well, through our time spent with the Halton Borough Council care home team, we’ve been able to come together to help them to lay the foundations needed to help make their ambitions a reality. Looking ahead, Halton plans are to focus on developing an asset database and expanding and improving its services from the insights and feedback gathered – creating better care homes for the future.