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As an organisation, we’re totally committed to the learning and development of our staff. From incentivising learning opportunities through our Campus rewards platform, to allocating each member of the team a £100 annual book allowance, we’re keen to embed a culture where personal and professional development is celebrated. 

Throughout Learning at Work Week, we caught up with members of the team to ask what learning opportunities they’d taken part in recently, how this will inform their work and how Capacity creates a culture where growth is supported.

Sara Chattun, Project Manager

This year I graduated with my Masters in Social Policy, which has given me a much deeper understanding of the things that effect people – both in a historial and current context. It helps me to think critically about my work and challenges me to keep questioning to get to the root of a problem.

Grace Nolan, Director

Lots of organisations talk about their learning culture, but at Capacity L&D is in our DNA. This year, Capacity has supported me to to undertake an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning & Development, both through funding and protected study time. This solidifies the experiential learning I’ve done over the past several years and has enabled me to bring academic theory and thinking to the people and culture work that I do at Capacity.

Heather Mackelden, Business Coordinator 

Working at Capacity is really collaborative, and because of that I’m learning more about what areas I find interesting and want to know more about. I’m excitied to start working with our finance team in coming months to learn more about our systems and better understand their work.

George Leroy, Senior Development Manager

At Capacity, I’ve always been supported to pursue opportunities for professional and personal growth. I’m currently studying for a Senior Leader Apprenticeship, which is great because it gives me the chance to apply the knowledge I’m gaining through my studies to real-life situations in my role. Although I’m right at the start of the qualification, I’ve already learned lots that I’m bringing into the projects I’m managing.

Ailsa Horne, Head of Projects

This year I’ve been doing a mini MBA/ Strategic Leadership ILM Level 7. I’ve loved getting back in the classroom for some structured learning! I’ll be applying the thinking to further develop Capacity’s strategic approach to working with enterprises at the heart of public service delivery.

Goda Dragunaite, Digital Comms Manager 

One of the courses I completed this year was the CIM Managing Projects and People. The course material coincided with a project I’m working on really well, providing useful information that I could apply right away. It covered key areas of project management, offering practical advice on dealing with key challenges such as managing expectations, keeping projects on track and making people feel heard. Being able to implement what I learned immediately and see the results was very satisfying.

Sarah Lee, Finance Assistant 

I’ve been working towards my AAT qualification and completed the final exam this year, so I’m now a fully qualified Accounting Technician! This was a huge personal goal of mine. The learning has contributed massively to the work I do at Capacity, and the work I do at Capacity helped with my understanding of what I was studying. My next goal is to become a fully Chartered Accountant, which I know will be possible with the help and support of the Capacity team.

Sarah Morris, Finance Director 

I’ve been on a learning journey with the ICAEW Financial Talent Executive Network (F-TEN). This took me way beyond my comfort zone – presentations, workshops with actors and being open to coaching, reflection and self awareness! The outcome of this is that I’m a better leader – I make better, more informed decisions. I feel more confident challenging the team to work through solutions which gives them confidence and pushes them in their roles. A win-win for me and the team!

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