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Empowering leaders to inspire with confidence: the importance of coaching and mentoring


At Capacity, we believe in the importance of mentoring for both established and up-and-coming leaders to help them to achieve their goals. Mentoring plays a key role for us in working with individuals and within organisations. 

We value the mentoring we offer at Capacity. We think it’s unique because our relationships last a long time but we also have an experienced team that have been ‘through-it’ themselves.

So, we asked some of our leaders from Capacity to help break it down. What’s the benefit of mentoring, and what does it all really mean. 


So, What are the Benefits of mentoring?

“Mentoring impacts at different levels. On an individual level, it can have a massive impact on the individual being supported. Leaders who are tired, isolated, and not necessarily getting the kind of individual support they need can benefit from mentoring. They can achieve a better balance between their home life and their work life and approach their work in a way which benefits them as individuals in terms of their wellbeing and skills but also benefits the people that they work with.”


“Mentoring also has a positive impact on the organisation because someone who is appropriately and effectively supported is a better leader and a better worker. It’s going to have a positive impact on the workplace. Mentoring impacts at many levels, affecting the individual and the people around them, and on the strategic direction of the company.”

mentoring vs coaching, what's the difference?

“There is a difference between coaching and mentoring. Coaching tends to be formal, solution-focused, and goal-oriented, while mentoring is more about providing space for the development of the person you’re working with. Mentoring is about taking a step back and thinking and reflecting, ‘So this happened, how did it go? What could have gone better? What can you learn from this?’ Leaders don’t have the time to reflect and think about things and improve their practice, mentoring gives them the space to do this.”


Why is it so important to help leaders self-reflect?

“Leaders can get very lonely and sometimes feel nobody else understands what they’re going through. Mentoring can provide leaders with the support they need to achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Mentoring allows them to take a step back and reflect on their experiences, giving them the tools to improve their practice and better support the people they work with.”




At Capacity, we believe that mentoring is a brilliant tool for developing leaders and helping to support their growth. The benefits of mentoring can be invaluable, including:

Increased confidence

Improved skill

Better work-life balance

A positive impact on the organisation

“Alison is a fantastic sounding board. I trust her implicitly that when she is with me, she has no other agenda other than focusing on our meeting."
Bernadette King
CEO for Web Merseyside
“I think it’s massively important to have experienced leaders mentoring up and coming leaders. Alison at Capacity has been an amazing mentor, she has helped me become more comfortable and confident. Knowing that I can do it, and I do have a voice."
Allison Dean
Deputy CEO for Koala North West

Are you a leader looking for support, or an organisation looking to develop your leaders?

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