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with... Danny Kruger MP

Danny is MP for Devizes and Government Advisor, Founder of ‘Only Connect’ and ‘West London Zone’. His career has spanned the Third Sector as well as Journalism and Politics.

On Wednesday 29 July, Danny joined us to discuss some of the findings of his recent report on community responses to Covid-19, which he has compiled at the request of the Prime Minister.

Some things we learned from the webinar include:

Danny is a strong advocate of the devolution of parliamentary power to local and regional level
Greater financial investment is required post Covid-19 into regional funding pots (such as Local Enterprise Partnerships and Mayoral Offices)
The surge in people who volunteered to support the NHS was remarkable; but unusual for a national call-to-action. Danny suspects that it will need to be localised in order to be sustainable in the future.
We look forward to reading Danny’s full report and will be keen to hear the responses and feedback of the VCSE sector in Liverpool City Region.

Watch the full webinar below.

I didn't anticipate to what extent people were willing to volunteer for a national effort. My belief in localism and communities, and my suspicion of government led me to believe that people don't want to volunteer for some abstract thing... even at Local Authority level. But they volunteered for the NHS in amazing numbers... the fact that people were prepared to step up for a national effort; I wonder if that's sustainable. 
Danny Kruger
MP for Devizes and Government Advisor