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Finance Associate


We’re on the lookout for some brilliant Finance Associates who can assist with financial planning for our clients. You’ll be a whizz at financial modelling and cash flow planning, bringing the pounds and pence of business plans to life. You’ll be able to quickly spot and address financial risks and their potential impact, as well as presenting complex financial information in a way we can all understand and use.

  • You’ll be involved with some amazing organisations we work with, offering project finance support.
  • You’ll be a pro at identifying trends and engaging with stakeholders to share your thoughts and learning about us as an organisation.
  • You’ll be a whizz at analysing financial data, picking out trends and talking to us about it.

Once you’re on our Associate list, you’re on our minds – we’ll be able to draw on your expertise as and when our project requires it and our internal capacity is stretched. There is no guarantee for work, this is an expression of interest to work with us on future projects if we need additional resource.



If you are someone who’d be a great fit as a valued Capacity Associate, get in touch through If you have any questions about the organisation, the projects or the role, we welcome you to get in touch for a chat. 

If there are any adaptions or adjustments we can make to assist you in your application or with our recruitment process, please contact us via email or by phone.

+44(0)151 305 1045