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Associates Call Out

Capacity is on the lookout for brilliant people to join our team of Associates. We’re looking to recruit specialist Associate team members who can support projects on an ad-hoc basis, as and when briefs fit their expertise and availability. 

Once on our Associate list, you’re on our minds – we’ll approach you with the brief, agree on the resources and timings, and get to work. We need you to be flexible but will give you plenty of notice and make sure you have all the information you need. This means we can’t guarantee a specific number of days at this time, but we are a busy team with lots of projects on the horizon.

Are you: 

  • Great at crunching numbers? Finance Expert
  • Ready to mastermind delivery? Project Management Expert 
  • Amazing at telling stories? Comms Expert 
  • Brilliant at measuring the change we’re making? Impact Expert   


Finance Experts  

We’re looking for Associates who can assist with financial planning for our clients.  You will be a whizz at financial modelling and cashflow planning. You will be able to bring the pounds and pence of business plans to life, quickly seeing and addressing financial risks and their potential impact on the business. You will be able to present complex financial information in a way that we can all understand and use. 

Project Management Experts 

We’re looking for Associates who can help us deliver our wide variety of projects. You could have specific expertise in a number of different areas such as:

  • Community building and engagement- Understanding what communities are thinking and feeling and building legitimate and meaningful partnerships.
  • SME business support – helping with balancing the books, developing new markets and planning and showing impact
  • Writing funding bids, tenders, and proposals
  • Developing Business Plans
  • Feasibility or options appraisal
  • Service design

We would love to hear from you if have skills and experience in:

  • Housing 
  • Adult social Care 
  • Children’s social Care 
  • Social enterprise development

You will have a good understanding of one or more of these sector areas, have a track record of making changes in this space and ideas for what the future of this sector could look like. 

Comms Experts 

We’re looking for Associates who can help our clients to tell their stories.  Most commonly you’ll help them with marketing and communication plans and brand development. We’re looking for people with great copywriting skills, and enough knowledge of the care, health or social enterprise sector to identify key messaging and targeted approaches to get these to land. 

Impact Experts 

We’re looking for Associates who can help us and our clients capture and understand the difference we are making.  You’ll be a data expert, someone who’s able to analyse complex information and make it meaningful and understandable.  You will help our clients develop impact measurement frameworks and Theories of Change and support them to tell the world about the difference they’re making. 



If you are someone who’d be a great fit as a valued Capacity Associate, get in touch through If you have any questions about the organisation, the projects or the role, we welcome you to get in touch for a chat. 

If there are any adaptions or adjustments we can make to assist you in your application or with our recruitment process, please contact us via email or by phone.

+44(0)151 305 1045