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Making Public Services
People Services

It’s no secret that the public and third sectors are facing some tough internal and external challenges, and we need big ideas and brave leaders to tackle them.

That’s where Capacity comes in. We provide the know-how, big-picture thinking, and hands-on time to get moving on the projects that really matter: the ones that make the biggest impact on the lives of everyday people. 

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Looking back on ‘Fundamentally Different’

This year we completed our first piece of work with the national charity, Mind, taking a specific focus

Forging the Fundamentals

Late last year, we engaged with 100 public and third sector leaders from across Cheshire and Merseyside. We

How we’re creating something bigger:

For some time, we’ve been reflecting on what Capacity can do to help our public and third sector partners make public services people services – to do things differently and most importantly, more effectively. With this in mind, we’ve accessed funding from a core group of grant funders to create a place where we can consider and start to build the conditions we need to create some real-life impact for the people in our region. We’re bringing together sector leaders and doers in public services who are passionate about doing things differently to work on the fundamental changers our city region needs to make a bigger and bolder difference in local lives.


Capacity is our extended leadership team…this is a partnership
David Osborne
CEO, Catalyst Choices
What we value most is the one to one relationship; they’ve come in and worked hard to understand who we are and what we’re trying to do
Alasdair Jackson
CEO, Recycling Lives
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The relationship with Capacity has been extremely positive. It has been built around Capacity being a friend and ally of Open Door Charity, knowing and understanding what we do.
Lee Pennington
Charity Director, Open Door Charity
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From day one colleagues in Capacity have been amazing- full of ideas, support, energy, drive, and have made this one of the most enjoyable pieces of work I’ve ever been involved in. The trust, collaboration, energy and belief that we shared, really made it something special.
Elizabeth Hartley
Assistant Director, Early Help & Prevention, Wirral MBC
Working with Capacity was a thorough, professional, and speedy process. The outcomes were crucial to our future planning and decision making and they demonstrated the value of partnership work and supported good governance.
Tom Harrison
Chief Executive, Local Solutions
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It's been brilliant working with Capacity, it was co-development from the word go. To have someone who understands your work and give an external viewpoint has been very beneficial in helping us to define where we sit and what we offer.
Eleanor Fielding
Programme Manager, Civic Data Cooperate
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I think it's massively important to have experienced leaders mentoring up and coming leaders. Alison at Capacity has been an amazing mentor, she has helped me become more comfortable and confident. Knowing that I can do it, and I do have a voice.
Allison Dean
Deputy CEO, Koala North West
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Not only did Capacity help us develop the plan and develop the project, but they also really hit the ground running from the very first meeting. It felt very much like a two way dialogue between us and Capacity.
Lewis Smith
Research Development Manager, University of Liverpool
Working with Capacity is always a joy, you know that you are going to get passionate people who want to make a difference. They have positive attitudes, spending valuable time getting to know us and learning about what we wanted to achieve.
Sarah Williams
Network Manager, Childwall & Wavertree Primary Care Network
Sarah and I met frequently, to review the project plan and how it was working. The real benefit for us was to have an outside agency coming in, we really wanted that expert, impartial, detailed oversight. It gave real direction for the programme and what we wanted to achieve.
Karen Parry
Director of Operations, Career Connect
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Alison is a fantastic sounding board. I trust her implicitly that when she is with me, she has no other agenda other than focusing on our meeting.
Bernadette King
CEO for Web Merseyside
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Right from the start we felt like Capacity were on our side. They were so interested in learning who we are and how our business works. The strategy they presented made us feel like we were hitting the ground running with a well constructed, exciting new plan…what’s not to love!
Kate Nicolle
Co-founder, Amity Relationship Solutions