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Making Public Services
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It’s no secret that the public and third sectors are facing some tough internal and external challenges, and we need big ideas and brave leaders to tackle them.

That’s where Capacity comes in. We provide the know-how, big-picture thinking, and hands-on time to get moving on the projects that really matter: the ones that make the biggest impact on the lives of everyday people. 

They’re a source of inspiration as a team that can provide a bridge between the third sector orgs and council. They really ‘got’ what that offer should be and spent the time on the ground asking the right questions.
Zoe Richardson
Therapeutic Lead, Open Door Charity
Capacity is our extended leadership team…this is a partnership
David Osborne
CEO, Catalyst Choices
What we value most is the one to one relationship; they’ve come in and worked hard to understand who we are and what we’re trying to do
Alasdair Jackson
CEO, Recycling Lives

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How we’re creating something bigger:

The leaders we work with are busy people and the day-to-day challenges you face often means leaving those things you’d usually do (the things that are about developing yourself, your networks and thinking for the longer term) off the ‘must-do’ list. Therefore, we’ve made a commitment to help the North West’s sector’s leaders to find time out for that bigger picture thinking, and for that reason we created REGROUP.

Many graduates leave university or college still not knowing what they want to be or do. But a good number know they want to make some positive change in the world. Since 2019 we’ve delivered our EMERGE programme which is focused on making public and third sector careers an active career choice. 

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