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Transforming Choice CIC

Adults' | Liverpool, Merseyside

Transforming Choice was established in 2013 by a group of frontline employees who wanted to pursue a different approach to delivering alcohol detox services – putting individuals’ requirements above rigid organisational structures and models of recovery and reducing the focus on complete abstinence.  


Despite being deemed ‘excellent practice’ by the Care Quality Commission, Transforming Choice had struggled to engage with public sector markets and was experiencing some internal challenges. It is also one of the only ‘tapered’ alcohol reduction services available in the UK, rather than a benzodiazepine (Librium) based detox, meaning it was even more critical for the organisation to be able to prove its impact in order to gain funding. 


In response to these challenges, Capacity supported Transforming Choice by  

  • developing a business case for their short to medium-term financial needs, meaning they now have capacity to plan for long-term financial needs 
  • securing Big Potential Advanced funding to build up skills and knowledge 
  • negotiating a lower rental price for their service space, therefore reducing overall costs 
  • engaging a group of public sector and charitable funders to co-ordinate a package of funding to meet the organisation’s needs over the planned period.  


  • 2 year contract secured with Liverpool City Council 

  • CQC found large-scale improvements across the board 

  • Increased successful completion rate 

As a result of working with Capacity, TC secured their first two-year contact from Liverpool City Council and are now in the final stages of securing a further three years of contracted work. By developing their governance and back-office systems, TC are in a stronger financial position than they have ever been in. This has taken pressure off the day-to-day running of the service, creating capacity which is being used to develop new models of accommodation that will empower their clients to regain control of their lives and enable long term change. Finally, providing leadership coaching and staff development has resulted in an increased number of people successfully completing their rehabilitation programme. 


Capacity helped us secure income so that we could concentrate on the service delivery… Once that pressure of money is off – you can start actually looking at what else you can do service wise… We can now look at the wider potential of our organisation.”
Carol Hamlet
Managing Director Transforming Choice
[The Capacity team is] incredibly well-connected …There’s no-one Chris [Catterall, Chief Executive of Capacity] doesn’t know!”
Carol Hamlet
Managing Director Transforming Choice
[There is] no pressure on your organisation – [Capacity] just give you the tools to help you be the best you can.”
Carol Hamlet
Managing Director Transforming Choice

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