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Community Business | Liverpool, Merseyside

Homebaked is a community land trust and co-operative bakery situated on the boundary between the neighbourhoods of Everton and Anfield. Co-owned and co-produced by residents of the area, Homebaked was able to save a beloved local bakery and develop it into a thriving community business which includes the bakery, an apartment, and plans for future developments. 




Over the course of our work so far, we have supported Homebaked through: 

  • Business planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Feasibility study
  • Governance
  • Funding applications


  • Funding secured from Homes England 
  • Key partnerships formed
  • £1.9m secured from Your Housing Group 

As a result of working with Capacity, Homebaked were able to secure key strategic partnerships, in turn enabling them to draw down additional funding and manage their properties. Homebaked were also able to secure the transfer of their current building from the local council and submit a successful planning application for the development of four commercial units. 

Capacity’s support means that Homebaked can provide sustainable community-led housing for residents in Anfield, leading to long-term impacts of more local employment and more local money staying in the area. 

Services Used

Business Planning

Finance Management

Project Management