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Community Matters

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Early Help is support given as soon as a problem emerges, at any stage in a child or young person’s life. As part of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council’s Early Help offer, the Community Matters partnership is a new way of working to help families and children get access to the services they need, when they need them. Capacity is leading this partnership to redesign Early Help across the borough to become more innovative and effective and deliver the best outcomes for families in Wirral. 


As the Lot 3 provider for Community Matters, Capacity is responsible for redesigning Wirral’s Early Help offer. This involves extensive community engagement, infrastructure development and service design work. Whether working with Lot 1 and 2 providers to build capacity across the sector, improving Ofsted outcomes and reducing factors that lead to serious cases, ultimately Capacity’s aim is to empower communities to ensure families get the help they need as early as possible. 


To meet this challenge, Capacity is: 

  • Engaging with hundreds of beneficiaries and stakeholders through interviews and focus groups to build a shared understanding of what stakeholders want and need from an effective Early Help model 
  • Developing data and insights infrastructure to capture, monitor and improve outcomes 

  • Developing a network of motivated and sustainable partners and providers who are ready and able to pilot a new approach to Early Help 

  • Shaping the direction of commissioning practices to ensure community organisations are represented at the heart of service delivery 

  • Co-designing and piloting a new model of Early Help. 


While still in its early stages, Capacity has already built positive relationships with other providers and VCSE organisations across Wirral. The community engagement phase of the project is underway and is expected to reach over 400 stakeholders, informing the co-production and service design phases of the Early Help redesign. 

Capacity has also developed a VCSE support programme to upskill and build capacity in Wirral’s voluntary sector. This sees six organisations from across the borough enrolled in a comprehensive scheme which provides organisations with the essential organisational development tools to ensure a strong and sustainable Early Help provision for years to come. 

This project is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference for local families and to provide a strong case for further funding of prevention services. 

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